"Life Without Limitz is a direct product of what I needed when I was injured...."- Nahara Lutner

Hello Everyone my name is Nahara Lutner! Welcome to Life Without Limitz. This is an awareness, support and inspiration organization. The goal of Life Without Limitz is to bring awareness, support and Inspiration to all those who need it to live without limitz while being disabled. 

When I first got injured (Spinal Cord Injury) I felt alone in discovering the things that ultimately made my life easier, livable and without obstacles. Our Mission is to provide reliable, and experience driven support, guidance and inspiration to help with all of those unanswered questions and concerns that often Impact our lives. Things like how do I drive again? or How do I date when I am in a wheelchair? and How do I travel if I can't walk to get to my seat? We will try to cover all of the questions that you may have as a person living with a disability.  

This website will cover everyone because you can also contribute to it via the forum. That's right contribute a tip or a situation, or a picture to inspire us to be more independent, or tell us how un-accessible a place you went to is.

How is Life Without Limitz Unique? Well we don't want to do this alone. Most of the time if you look for guidance online it's difficult to find someone with your exact same disability and even then, they may have a different level and different abilities. Here at Life Without Limitz we are going to do our very best to pull all of our resources together, to be able to bring you our website guest information that is relevant to your disability. We may not initially have every resource for every disability but over time as we gain more members, we will have more resources and experiences to share with one another. 

 I see this site as a great resource; a resource I needed when I was injured and did not have. So I am very excited to bring you all of the information I can, to help you live your life freely and without limitz!

E-mail us and let us know of a place you would like us to visit, an experience that you are curious about, or topic that you would like us to cover. We will do our best to try and cover those places, experiences, and topics to help you live your best life!

Remember, everything is possible! We can do ANYTHING; we might just have to do it a little differently.