Idaho Resources

General Resources

  • Area Agencies on Aging
    • Six agencies throughout the state offer services such as Adult Protective Services, caregiver support, in-home support services, respite care, legal assistance, housing, meals and the Senior Medicare Patrol. Some services have age, income and other eligibility requirements.
    • Regional contacts:
      • Eastern Idaho: 208-522-5391 or 800-632-4813 toll-free
      • North Central Idaho: 208-743-5580 or 800-877-3206 toll-free
      • Northern Idaho: 208-667-3179 or 800-786-5536 toll-free
      • South Central Idaho: 208-736-2122 or 800-5748656 toll-free
      • Southeast Idaho: 208-233-4032 or 800-526-8129 toll-free
      • Southwest: 208-898-7060 or 844-850-2883 toll-free
    • The ADA will have a plethora of information related to disability laws, senior laws, up to date disability news and much more!
  •  Idaho-General: Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 
  • Idaho-Blind: State Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired 

Home- and Community-Based Services

  • Idaho Caregiver Alliance
    • The Idaho Caregiver Alliance is a group of individuals and organizations focused on improving access to quality caregiver supports, resources and expanding opportunities for respite for all ages. Activities include advocacy for caregivers at the state level, a monthly newsletter, workshops and events such as the annual Family Caregiver Conference.
  • Family Caregiver Navigator (208-426-5899)
    • Family Caregiver Navigator provides free support, options counseling and resource referrals to unpaid family caregivers in SW Idaho by telephone. Following a research-based assessment, the Navigator generates a care plan to connect caregivers with critical support services.

As our site grows and we acquire more volunteers to help in the gathering of Information of their state We will update lists and resources accordingly.

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