Louisiana Resources

General Resources

Health Resources

  • Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Behavioral Health (225-342-9500)
    • The Louisiana behavioral health care system is operated by independent health care districts or authorities and provides accountability for all behavioral health care, including mental health treatment services and addictive disorders, for Louisiana citizens.
  • Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Public Health (225-342-9500)
    • The Office of Public Health protects and promotes the health of the communities of our state and operates more than 50 programs with staff in 63 parish health units, three specialty clinics and nine regional offices.

Home- and Community-Based Resources

Legal Resources

  • Disability Rights Louisiana (DRLA) (800-960-7705 toll-free)
    • DRLA works on behalf of all people with disabilities to combat all forms of discrimination, abuse and neglect through monitoring, investigations and legal action.
  • Louisiana Legal Aid Services
    • This resource guide lists contact information for some of the legal aid service providers located throughout Louisiana. Legal aid services provide free or low-cost legal advice and/or representation for those unable to afford full-cost services

Transportation Resources

Advocacy Resources

  • Live at Home Louisiana (225-276-1941 | liveathomela@gmail.com)
    • A coalition of organizations that advocates for home and community services to help people live where they want and receive the care they need.

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