Massachusetts Resources

General Resources

Mass Options (800-243-4636)

  • Mass Options connects older residents, people with disabilities and their caregivers and loved ones with information and services to help meet their specified needs.

Health Resources

  • Massachusetts Senior Medicare Patrol Program (800-892-0890)
    • Provides information to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, family members and caregivers related to health care options and instances of medical errors, fraud and abuse.
  • Massachusetts Health Connector (877-623-7655 toll-free)
    • The Massachusetts Health Connector is the state’s marketplace for health and dental insurance. It also assists people who recently lost employer provided insurance.
  • Health Care For All Helpline (617-350-7279 | 800-272-4232 toll-fee)
    • A helpline that connects callers with information about their health care options and works to ensure universal coverage and access to care. This statewide, multilingual phone service is available for residents of all income levels.

Home- and Community-Based Resources

  • Mass Home Care (617-972-5635)
    • A trade association that advocates for the commonwealth’s 28 aging services access points and Area Agencies on Aging. It connects residents with home- and community-based services.
  • Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts (617-482-8830)
    • A nonprofit trade association of home care agencies that advocates for and provides information about home care options for Massachusetts residents.

Workplace/Employer Resources

Transportation Resources

Housing Resources

  • CHAPA (Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association) (617-742-0820)
    • The association promotes diverse community development and advocates for affordable housing options to help low- and middle income families and individuals.
  • MassAccess (617-742-0820)
    • The organization’s housing registry connects older residents and people with disabilities with affordable rental and housing options.

Specific Audience Resources

As our site grows and we acquire more volunteers to help in the gathering of Information of their state We will update lists and resources accordingly.

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