Minnesota Resources

General Resources

  • Senior LinkAge Line (800-333-2433)
    • The Senior LinkAge Line is Minnesota Board on Aging’s free statewide information and assistance service. Experts can provide links to services for older adults as well as for their caregivers, including home care, respite, adult daycare and more.
  • MinnesotaHelp.info
    • MinnesotaHelp.info is an online directory of services for older adults and their caregivers relating to forms of assistance, including financial, adult day services, assistive technology and others.
    • The ADA will have a plethora of information related to disability laws, senior laws, up to date disability news and much more!
  • Minnesota-General: Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Minnesota-Blind: State Services for the Blind
    •  Phone: (651) 642-0500
    •  Toll-Free: (800) 652-9000 
    • TTY: (651) 642-0506 
    • Website: https://mn.gov/deed/ssb/ 
    • Director: Natasha Jerde

Health Resources

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota (NAMI) (888-626-4435 toll-free | 800-950-NAMI National Information Helpline.)
    • NAMI Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults with mental illnesses and their families through education, support and advocacy. It strives to change public attitudes about mental illnesses, improve access to services and increase opportunities for recovery.
  • Minnesota Association of County Veterans Service Officers (800-273-8255 Veterans Crisis Line 888-546-5838 toll-free)
    • The association is in each county to ensure that all veterans, their families and survivors receive benefits and services.

Home- and Community-Based Resources

  • Minnesota Department of Human Services–Aging (800-333-2433)
    • The Elderly Waiver (EW) and Community Alternative Care (CAC) programs provide home- and community-based services including home care, skilled nursing, case management and adult day care for those choosing to live in the community who still require nursing home-level care. Individuals over age 65 must qualify for Medical Assistance to be eligible for these programs.
  • Minnesota Live Well at Home (800-333-2433)
    • The LWAH program helps older Minnesotans, and their caregivers, live well in their own homes. The service offers risk screening, education and solutions for successful living.

Transportation Resources

  • Metro Mobility (651-602-1111)
    • Metro Mobility is a shared ride public transportation service for certified riders who are unable to use regular fixed-route buses due to a disability or health condition.
  • Minnesota Ride Link (800-333-2433)
    • Ride Link provides quick and easy information about transportation services by linking veterans, military families and others to a single source of information for trips in their area (e.g. trips for employment, medical, recreation and shopping).

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