New York Resources

General Resources

  • New York State Caregiving & Resource Coalition (585-287-6393)
    • The coalition is a partnership of organizations and individuals supporting and advocating for New York’s family caregivers. The group offers training and information to caregivers and works to raise awareness of their needs to local policymakers.
    • The ADA will have a plethora of information related to disability laws, senior laws, up to date disability news and much more!
  • New York-General: Adult Career and Continuing Education Services 
  •  New York-Blind: Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped

Home- and Community-Based Resources

  • New York Connects (800-342-9871)
    • The program connects residents with long-term support services such as home care, as well as basic necessities such as transportation and meal services. They can help older adults, individuals living with disabilities, caregivers and loved ones understand what resources are available to them and how to access that assistance.
  • LiveOn NY (212-398-5045 |
    • The program offers training and workshops and helps older adults understand federal and state program eligibility — making sure New Yorkers are fully accessing the support that’s available to them.
  • JASA (212-273-5272)
    • JASA’s support services are focused on helping older adults in New York City age with a purpose and with autonomy. The organization operates several affordable housing properties and maintains a licensed home care arm, bringing health and social services to individuals. The group also offers free legal services, meal deliveries and caregiver assistance, among other resources.

Specific Audience Resources

  • SAGE (212-741-2247)
    • SAGE is a nonprofit organization that supports and advocates for LGBTQ people in New York as they age. They have offices in upstate New York and in New York City.
  • SAGE NYC (212-741-2247)
    • SAGE offers innovative services and programs to LGBT older people throughout New York City and nationwide through our affiliate network, SAGENet. From arts and culture to health and wellness, and much more, SAGE’s innovative services and programs support thousands of LGBT older people in communities around the country.
  • Pride Center of Western New York – Silver Pride Project (716-852-7743)
    • The center offers peer support, training and informational sessions to older LBGTQ people and their allies in Western New York, raising awareness about available resources and promoting social activities that cut down on isolation.

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