Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Hi! Nahara Here,

We are located in South Jersey, and are committed to finding connections outside of our area to bring you even more content and stories that make our lives better. 

Who is Nahara Lutner?

Nahara Lutner is the Inspiration for this page. I was paralyzed at the age of 9 when a drunk driver hit the car that me and my family were traveling in; in Puerto Rico. I died at the scene of the accident and was stabilized and treated in a hospital in Puerto Rico for two months while my family raised money to transport me to Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. After my family and friends were able to raise $18,500 by holding fundraisers, and asking for donations at local red lights; I was brought to Shriner's Hospital in Philadelphia, via air ambulance for treatment.

When I was discharged from Shriners at the age of 21, I didn't have many resources to help me navigate through life. Since then, I was forced to figure things out on my own with the little bit of generic resources that are out there for those of us with disabilities.

Don't just settle for mediocracy; you deserve the best life has to offer! In my life so far I have purchased my own house, own my own car and live independently, I have gone to college, and I have traveled. I have also have worked several full time jobs, and worked my way up to management positions. I am a thrill seeker and love to go kayaking and on trips to the beach, I have gone parasailing, and I LOVE to go to amusement parks!! Don't even get me started on how much I LOVE Disney World.... :-) Sure, you may have to do things a littler differently than others, but that doesn't mean that you can't do them! Don't let your disability hold you back!

I volunteer with Shriners Hospital several times a year by speaking with newly disabled children and their caretakers. At Shriners, I team up with a group of doctors, and other past and current patients to help motivate, and inspire the newly disabled children in hopes of bring some solace to them. I also offer support to the parents and caregivers as well when needed. I find everyone is always focused on the person with the disability; rightfully so, but the caretakers are often in need of support and comfort as well.

This is where Life Without Limitz comes in. This I hope will be a great resource for us to learn from each other and support each other through that very first time we become injured and when we go thru that spell of, "what the heck am I going to do with my life"  kind of thinking. Hopefully we can help you get a new perspective on life. 

Can Life without Limitz Help me get Equipment?

If we have any equipment that meets your needs that has been donated, of course we can make arrangements to assist you! If available, we will supply that equipment to you free of charge.

If we do not have any equipment or supplies available, we will provide you with some resources that you can contact for additional help.

 We are here to do our best to help you get thru this Life Without limitz!