EQUIPMENT DONATION STATION

This donation station was created in honor of Eugene Cohen MD and Gisele Busch who gave Life Without Limitz our first items to get the station started.

Eugene Cohen MD (passed as of November 29, 2021) and Gisele Busch met for the love of the opera. A very intuitive friend who thought they would hit it off at the opera, introduced them to one another. Eugene and Gisele have been together since that beautiful night at the opera and have had many adventures together. Their adventures have included everything from strolling down the streets of old San Juan, PR to visiting the pyramids, traveling all over Europe, and one of their favorites scuba diving. In their many adventures one thing was very present, the obvious way in which they impacted the people and places they visited and how generous they both were. Gisele continues to be very philantropic, kind and caring like they both have always been.

When Eugene Passed away Gisele knew she wanted to donate his medical equipment to someone who could benefit from using it at no cost; she knew that this is what he would want. We have made this page in Gene's and Gisele's Honor because of their extraordinary generosity throughout their lifetime! This truly embodies what their ideals were, therefore we have made this Donation Station truly free for anyone who is in need of medical equipment.

How it works:
  • Email us at
  • Send your name, email address, and the type of equipment needed.
  • Number of item wanted if listed in our items page.
After we receive the above information we will contact you via email and let you know if we have that item for you to pick up or if we do not currently have that item and at that time you will be placed on a waiting list for the future.

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